How to get College Application Forms, the Yana way

This guide shall tell you how to get college application forms in a not so reccomended manner. xD

University of the Philippines:
1. Have your mum drive you in the campus with your brother and cousin.
2. Get droppoed off in front of Ipil Residences because your mum is running late.
3. Proceed to the Tennis court near the shopping center, but go the farther way and miss the first block.
4. Have your cousin to get your form
5. You go and play tennis
6. Go home
7. Go to review class
8. Go home again
9. Your cousin shall give you the form then find out later that your school will be providing forms a week later.
The blue one is the car, the red one is me and my brother walking, the pink one is my cousin’s route

Ateneo de Manila University
1. Get 500 bucks from your dad.
2. Have your dad tell you to tell the driver to get the form.
3. Give the money.
4. Write the instructions very clearly and give it to your driver.
5. Your driver shall be confused and give you a request form
6. Fill that thing up and give it back and explain everything.
7. Wait for another day
8. Find out that your driver did not get a form but took the reciept.
9. Explain everthing again and be frustrated.
10. After another day you will be able to get your form, finally.
Span of time: 3 days

University of Sto. Tomas
1. Go with your dad to the University where he teaches law.
2. Buy stuff around there
3. Wait until 3:30 pm
4. Find yourself waiting until 4:00 because your dad has a conference in the faculty room.
5. Call your dad a number of times and go up in front of the faculty room, then go down.
6. Wait in the car for another 30 mins.
7. Answer to traffic.
8. Your dad shall ask the guard dude near the covered court, where the regsistrar is, the exact lines would be “Saan yung registrar, yung kuhanan ng forms?”
9. The guard shall reply “Sir, yung application forms po sa Tan Yan Kee, sa likod ng main building”
10. Run and hope that the office is not yet closed.
11. Go round and round some place
12. Your dad will ask an innocent student and he points you to the registrar and not Tan Yan Kee
13. Your dad will enter the registrar and shall ask the guard, then the guard points you to a newer looking building called Tan Yan Kee
14. You shall get one from the office and say “Yes! Nakahabol”
15. You shall leave and answer to españa Traffic.
16. Text your friend.
17. One of your cousins will text you this “May nakita akong tumatakbo na nakacheckered, kasama ni uncle, ikaw ba yun?”
18. reply “Kunwari, hindi ako yun”

This be the epic route


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