Something once lost…….

may never be returned.

I guess it would be safer to put my thoughts here since there are very few people interested in reading what I would have to say, also I like wordpress.

I am a Filipino and I am absolutely not ashamed to say so. I am aware that our nation is once again in the spotlight of shame as a policeman went berserk and hostaged some people from Hong Kong. The is no use in hating an entire nation for the mess of one person, as well as cyberbullying a Filipino sixteen year-old student who cannot help but rant about this issue. Our nation is not as screwed up as international news networks would make it sound like.  I am very furious about everything and I do condemn the hostage taking and the slaughter, but there are certain things that are needed to be ranted about.

The thing that makes me really mad is that CERTAIN people in facebook who are FELLOW FILIPINOS are now acting like looney basterds who would need a good slap on thier faces in order to get their common sense. Just because some guy slaughtered tourists, it does not mean that everyone in the Philippines should change their nationality (yes, person in the ANC facebook page, I am reffering to you). Those who feel ashamed of our nation, I say SHAME on you, the real people who are shaming our nation are those who cannot even stand with our country in times like these, perhaps you should be ashamed of yourselves and just drown in your embarassment, oh and good riddance.

I am pretty sure that if this situation happened in a powerful first world nation, the feedback would not be the same. It is obvious that people can think so vapidly and discrimination is in fact very rampant.

So to everyone else who is planning to cyberbully/bully Filipinos, I tell you, go back to your drongo-land.


2 thoughts on “Something once lost…….

  1. Kisaki says:

    Too hurried to log in (researching), but I took the time to read this anyway.

    My thoughts exactly. Isn’t that why I avoid televised news? *sigh* But even news from my Twitter feed doesn’t lessen the impact.

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