Well, Facebook has a new layout, and so does WordPress. This might take a while to figure out but I guess changes are often intended to be for the best.
Any road, my life has been remotely peculiar to say the least but definitely not in the “I-wish-to-cease-my-existence” kind of way, rather it is similar to new layouts. We may find ourselves in an intricate maze, trying to figure out every nook and cranny of this maze but still get lost, make wrong turns and decide what is really right. Sometimes it is easier to just follow the path but then again, you might be following just a regular path and while you are doing this, that other path which leads you to a much more fulfilling life. Following this path or rather, dealing with this new layout may be odd for a period of time; however, it would all work out (and “get the hang of it”) after a couple of days (or longer, depending on the willingness to adapt and patience to learn) and life would be naturalised, “normal” again. Instead of complaining about the changes brought to us by some controlling force, I guess the best thing to do is piece the puzzle or leave, but we must remember, what ever we do, change will always catch up with us, change will forever be inevitable.

I guess, for now, that is all I have to say.


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