On Being a Slytherin

It has been almost a month since I received my Pottermore e-mail (or as I would prefer to call term it as “my messenger owl has finally arrived”) and although I am satisfied with my sorting, I am still disappointed on not being sorted in Ravenclaw.This post is not meant to be a rant on how much I would be happier if I was put in Ravenclaw rather than Slytherin, although, I still plan on having a secondary account that should be sorted in Ravenclaw, but rather, this is a composition on how the most discriminated people in Hogwarts are those from the Slytherin house.

I do not think anyone realises this but to think of it, people from Slytherin bully others to conceal their insecurities. Slytherins are often stereotyped as snobby, self-righteous elitists who are not capable of doing good. Realistically speaking, people do have a tendency to do what it is expected of them, giving little room for change. I mean, if you were a kid who is disliked by other people from your school for the sole fact of being sorted into Slytherin, would you not feel angst? Everyone else from your school boos your quidditch team, no other student, aside from your own house, would attempt to befriend you, your teachers automatically believe that your loyalty does not lie with your school (and they hate you) and you automatically have a horrible reputation just because a hat tells you “SLYTHERIN”. It would really blow to attend a school where you force yourself to appear to be in a pedestal just because all of the other students believe that you behave horribly. No one ever asked any one from Slytherin to be part of the DA even if there would probably be a lot of people from Slytherin who are sincere in helping the causes of the DA. Just because their founder is a wizard who believes in pure-blood supremacy, I don’t think it means that everyone from his house automatically thinks this way.

I guess what I am really saying is that a form of racism exists in the wizarding world. A lot of Potterheads deny the flaws of Hogwarts or any of the main characters. I am not trying to discourage people to read or watch Harry Potter, I am a Potterhead through and through, but I am merely pointing out that no matter how we deny it those good people are also capable of oppressing others. The antagonistic behaviour of a lot of Slytherins probably stems from their “pre-set” reputation and how other wizards respond towards them.


2 thoughts on “On Being a Slytherin

  1. actually, in my welcome letter to Hufflepuff (asdfasdfsortinghatyunoputmeinGryffindor), there was a part there that said that just because Hufflepuffs were stereotyped as the… “all-the-rest” house, it didn’t mean that they couldn’t be more. 8D

    There was a more specific mention about people from other houses deviating from their “house personalities” such as cowardly Gryffindors, kind Slytherins, and lazy Ravenclaws~

    • I know about that. XD I’m just saying that some sort of racism exists in the Wizarding world which might have caused the antagonistic behaviour of some Slytherins. 😀

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