Observations from the past few weeks of 2012

Disclaimer: This post was made out of a whim and therefore, not well thought-out. Grammatical lapses are common as this is a product of insomnia.

Before I finish my 30-item Football Challenge, I must let out some of my observations and realisations from the past few weeks of 2012 (this may or may not be a rant and this may or may not be a ramble):

1. Knowing something about the impeachment trial of the Chief Justice can not be avoided no matter how hard you try to keep away from that issue.

2. Journalists are running out of things to report so most of them resort to reporting the same thing over and over again or reporting trivial matters. (Seriously, you guys still report about “The Bourne Situation”. :O)

3. The Stock Market is not as boring as it seems.

4. Any thing you state on the internet can be used against you and one stupid move could ruin your reputation.

5. Being bitter won’t get you any where.

6. I reaffirm my stand on ranting, ranting is fun but it we have to “rant responsibly”

7. SOPA is not something to be ignored. It may sound all right as it is an Anti-piracy act but it does enable the US government to censor websites and since several web-sites are hosted in American servers, well.. you get the picture.

8. Declaring your support for any thing or any one isn’t exactly the way to go if you want a career in Philippine politics. You will definitely be judged by the other party. This is not exactly from 2012, but what the hell. 

9. Spanish needs to be reinstated in the Philippine educational curriculum. It’s extremely peculiar to hear the word “coño” all the time especially since your great-grandfather is a Spaniard who looks like my imaginary version of an Alferez (well, this part is not even relevant, it’s just that you can’t help thinking what he would say when he hears other people) and your relatives made it clear (since you were a child) that the word is not exactly a “nice word”.

10. So far I am the only one whom I have heard of who says 2012 as “two thousand and twelve” rather than “twenty-twelve”.

11. Your opinions will not be respected by several netizens. If you don’t share their opinion, a lot of  netizens would label you as “blinkered” or “stupid” or even “inutil”.

12. Some people will never understand any thing no matter how hard you try to explain things to them.


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