RuKen thoughts

This is not a film review. Rather this is a post of spazz.

The reason for this post is for me to let out all of my emotions regarding the live action film of  “Rurouni Kenshin” (or “Samurai X”, whatever floats your yacht really).

The cast was fantastic and the acting, spot-on (kudos to you, Mr. Casting director, your decisions have been one of the best in history). Takeru Satoh’s portrayal is as if, he was Kenshin all along, same goes with the rest of the cast. Perhaps another noteworthy thing is the visuals- from the set design to the costumes (everyone fan-girled when Kenshin changed into his signature red and white costume, excuse you) to the props to everything.

Words will not do justice to the overall greatness of this film.

As a fan of the anime and manga series, I am biased. It is perhaps, the best anime/manga adaptation to live action film I have seen so far (sorry, Death Note, Nana and Hana Yori Dango) and even if I haven’t read/watched or wasn’t a fan of the original series, this is a great film in itself. If it is considered to be a period film, perhaps it is also one of the best I have seen and dare I say, it deserves a “Best Foreign Language Film” award. I am wishing for a sequel and next time, I hope we see the Shishio Makoto and hear “Sobakasu”.

I also promise to cosplay for the sequel and bring food. *bow*


Dear SM Cinemas, Please extend the showing dates. I would love to watch it again.


Other notes: If they make a Naruto live action film, I would want to see it in 3D, with the Kyuubi coming right at you.  Also, I would love it if the Bleach live action film came sooner, as far as I know, it is being produced by WB. I hope they would do a fantastic job for that as well.


4 thoughts on “RuKen thoughts

  1. Yes, please extend the showing dates. I want to be able to see it when I come home. *cries*

    You’re making me soooo jealous. *sits huddled in dorm, with too many blankets, crying over Game of Thrones s2 while also rewatching Gundam Wing*

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