Mini-assessment of 3 years ago. Sort of.

Originally posted on Tue 8 June 2010, 2:11 AM (at DeviantArt)

I’m taking advantage of free Journal Skins by writing a completely pointless (or at least to you who ever reads this) entry about what to apply for in college.

UP: Music, Art, Film or Journalism. Help me, I don’t want to be a dentist or a Lawyer. :o 
Ateneo: Communication Arts and/or Information Design, apparently, I don’t like any other courses
DLSU: Comm. Arts and/or something else.
UST: Music and Art. 
CSB: Art
UA&P: Business

UPDATE on life, 09 July 2013: 3rd year into my undergrad degree. I ended up in UP and studying for a thing like MCAT. Whee. Let me say this now, I’d rather be a dentist than a lawyer. I have no talent for traditional art and there are a lot of people better than me in Music. I am rarely able to write neutrally, something that isn’t exactly okay in the media. I have little interest in getting involved in corporate work. In other words, what the fuck was I thinking back then? 

2 thoughts on “Mini-assessment of 3 years ago. Sort of.

  1. We clearly don’t know ourselves as well as we thought we did. Better to learn now, yes?

    It’s so amusing to go back and read what was written years ago and compare it to current times~

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