I really should update this blog more often.

Then again, 90% of what I usually intend to write is school stress related, i.e. involves me breaking down over academic work. After I finish my undergrad degree, it would probably twice as much so I think, it’s a tad bit fine to slam my thoughts down whilst I still got time for it.

Man. My acads life is horrible. Some people say that I’m too high-strung when it comes to college acads. I dunno, I’m grades paranoid to some extent (but actually, more like NMAT score paranoid. Haha.) . A lot of things happen in more than two years, eh?

So what happened in my life today?

Well, it’s one of those frustrating moments when you take a one hour commute only to find out that there’s no class. Not too upset about it but I really could have used the commute time to finish that report for tomorrow and study for the exam in the environment/ecology class. Oh well, damage has been done, it’s sad that we can’t get time back, yeah? (not #hugot. Promise. Though madami akong paghuhugutan. Hah. Haha. Ha.) 

Anyway, I have to do school work now… also study Chemistry and stuff… OrgChem. Wiw.


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