Of contacting people

If you’re my classmate under this certain prof, you would know that stalking is a necessary skill to pass his class.

We have to do a report on UP College of Medicine students and unlike most of the other topics given out to other groups, ours can not be researched on the world wide web (except, of course, the admission policies of UPCM and other technical stuff). Of course, given the nature of the topic, we have to conduct what Sociologists call “social investigation” and what we call, formalised stalking.

I’m a socially awkward individual, although I’ve probably gotten over most of my awkwardness… well I have to, and this report entails kapal ng mukha. We messaged four people, but what’s funny is the first person we message (and the only alumnus, recently graduated too, of my degree amongst those people we messaged) is the only one who ignored us. Haha. I think it must have been the “Ano ba yan, nasa med na nga ako, sinusundan pa rin ako ni Sir”. My classmate sent me a message that they saw him later in the noon at the PGH court, watching a footsal match (which sucks because we had to go to Makati to get info about their hospitals, etc. Haha… it also sucks because happy crush was there. Hahaha.) . We did manage to get answers from an Intarkid, the Vice Chairperson of the USC, and a female med student.  So I guess that would suffice, but we need more though. Good thing the report is moved to Tuesday of next week because of lack of time today, other wise, we would have used the online ethnographic data we got from other med students aka stalking their breakdowns on Facebook.

Off to bug them more with questions… study some more aaaaand mope over the fact that I’m not in the rally today. Lol.


One thought on “Of contacting people

  1. Ah, the wonders (and perils) of social investigation!

    I had to do stuff like that for Sociology last year, but not like you haha. Good luck; I hope you get to finish it on time without too much trouble ❤

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