What I don’t get about people is that they quickly dismiss introverts as anti-social. 


Not that I have anything dramatic to jot down about people I hang out with in school (most of my drama towards them comes from group activities that they seem to cram every single time).

Most of the stuff about to be put down here probably stems from the attitude of my genetic donors towards my habit of “not/rarely going out” of the room every time they are present in the house.  Okay, to some extent, I don’t want to talk to them… but truth be told, after a day of spending time with people, I find it best to retire to my own breathing space. On the web or not, I don’t think it should matter.  Point is, I find peace in not having to engage in further verbal communication.  

What’s even more unnerving is when they open the locked door of your room with house keys and then berate you with several things. It’s like, “Bah! Please be quiet la. The last thing I want to do is to hear more words after a long day of doing so.”  every time.  It’s even worse when you’re loaded with school work. Stress and get more stress.  This is why, I prefer to study/be productive at some nearby cafe, even if my savings get eaten up.  Even if people are present, at the very least, I am not compelled to talk to them (except when ordering). At least, you can get shit done without nosey interruptions. Not like in the house, where one has to endure younger siblings and parents constantly going in and out of the room indefinitely. It’s sem break and I’m trying to accomplish certain things. It’s been like this for how many years so, what’s new, anyway? :p 


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