Seven words

I’m not into sentimental hullabaloo nor am I a fan of divulging my realisations about the year on Facebook. But seeing as this is not Facebook and very few people are aware of the existence of this blog, I can probably safely dish out things to describe my 2013.

1. Taxation.

 If 2010-11 was the most over dramatic period of my life, 2013 is probably the most taxing. I find myself obsessing over acads and grades, something that the High School me would probably never do. Perhaps that’s the reason why I’m always tired and eitheir spaced out or sleeping during most “free times”, assuming that there’s any at all.

2. Goals. 

2013 has been a significant year towards moving to what I want to do in my life. For 2014, what I now need is more focus. Yosh!

3. List

In 2013, I managed to tick many things off my before-I-graduate list (it doesn’t include getting wasted or shagging. Seriously, just no.). Modesty aside, I’m proud of myself for doing those things and perhaps I would be able to do more and better this coming year.

4. Books 

This year is when I read books that I should have read a long time ago. Needless to say, I don’t regret anything of it.

5. Orgs

I remember when I was in first year, I said that I’m going to limit my org count to two… now 2013 tells that time it became times two.

6. Acceptance

I’ve managed to accept and let go of a lot of things in 2013 such as the fact that I’m leaving the teen world soon (ugh) and that all of my siblings have grown up so much. One of my brothers may or may not have a girlfriend and the other one is asking for permission to go to an all-girls school fair (not MC). Soon enough, I’d be studying again in another kind of school, my brother would be entering college and my two other siblings would be in HS. Mean Girls will turn 10 this coming 2014 and we’re all becoming adults real soon.

7. Fulfilment

 2013 was generally a fine year considering that the world should have ended last year (haha). Sure it had a lot of downs but hey, it didn’t have any of the unnecessary drama. Perhaps that’s actually what makes 2013 a relatively serene and fulfilling year. But now, it’s time to leave in the hands of Kronos. Brace ourselves, 2014 is coming.


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