So, I think in order for me to practise other languages [mostly because of career plans (still in the field of medicine and health); ohmygodiamgrowingup], I’d try to translate English Phrases into Japanese (and in the future, French, when I get around it) and vice-versa, as well as post random thoughts in Japanese at least once a week. I’m not ready to create full blog posts (nor am I ready for lang-8) in other languages as of the moment so whilst I’m still crap at it, I will try to familiarise myself with the basics (especially Kanji) here then move on to getting corrections. Yeah. I can only hope, my translations are more or less accurate but likely not so please forgive me. 

English Quote: “Women hold up half the sky” (Mao, 19??)
Original Chinese: 妇女能顶半边天 (pīnyīn: fù nǚ néng dǐng bàn biān tiān)
Japanese (Google Translate): 女性は半分空を運ぶ。(rōmaji: Josei wa hanbun sora o hakobu.)
Japanese (Me): 女性は運ぶは半分空。(rōmaji: Josei wa hakobu wa hanbun sora.)

Original Japanese: 女の子が男の子に質問する。「あなたはどれくらい私のことを好き?」 (村上, ??)
Rōmaji: Onna no ko ga otoko no ko ni shitsumon suru. “Anata wa dorekurai watashi no koto o suki?
Google Translate English: Girl question the boy. “You like me how much?
English (me): The girl questions (or has a question for) the boy . “How much do you like me?”

English Quote: “I hear she does car commercials…in Japan.” (Mean Girls)
Japanese (Google Translate): 私は日本で…彼女は車のコマーシャルを行い聞く(rōmaji: Watashi wa Nihon de… Kanojo wa kuruma no komāsharu o okonai kiku)
Japanese (Me): ということだ。。。彼女は日本で車のコマーシャルを演技。(rōmaji: Toiukotoda… Kanojo wa Nihon de kuruma no komāsharu o engi.)



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